Contracts & Finance

Our Research Contracts and Finance team develops, negotiates, and finalizes research contracts and manages the appropriate payments.

The C5Research Contracts and Finance team has contract templates for a variety of research agreements including: Confidentiality Agreements, Event Adjudicator Agreements, Data Safety Monitoring Boards or Data Monitoring Committee Agreements, Steering Committee Agreements, National Coordinator Agreements and Investigator Study Site Agreements. We use sponsor-approved alternate contract language available to facilitate and expedite contract execution. Sponsor approved agreements are distributed, tracked and followed-up on regularly through to completion. Contract amendments are performed as needed.
  • Contract Templates
  • Confidentiality Agreements
  • Letters of Indemnification
  • Site Payments
Research Contracts and Finance will send out Letters of Indemnification on behalf of the sponsor and facilitate confidentiality agreements with the Investigators, sites and committee members.
The C5Research Contracts and Finance team will assess the protocol to develop a suggested patient payment reimbursement and corresponding payment benchmarks for the trial. Payments are made to the sites based upon the benchmarks met, per the clinical trial agreement. Detailed reports are provided to the sponsor for this activity. Payments are also made to sites for miscellaneous expenses such as start-up fees and IRB fees.
Research Contracts and Finance will reimburse the various third party committee members based upon the established payment criteria detailed in their contracts.
The C5Research Contracts and Finance team will perform administrative accounting functions for the clinical trials.